48 Volt Lithium Battery LiFeP04 Golf Cart Battery


48Volt lithium battery to replace a lead-acid battery system. Fits any golf cart; easy to install.

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48 Volt Lithium Battery LiFeP04 for golf cart; can be installed in any golf cart.

56 A/H: 30-35 Miles per charge. $2,250

100 A/H: 60-65 Miles per charge. $2,595

160 A/H: 95-100 Miles per charge. $3,295


1 x 48V Lithium Battery Pack
1 x State of Charge Meter
1 x Mounting Kit for EZGO CLUB CAR YAMAHA Battery
1 x 48V Heavy Duty Lithium Battery Charger including EZGO CLUB CAR YAMAHA Connector

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100ah Battery, 56ah Battery, 160ah Battery