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Welcome to the future of golf carts.

Advanced EV Golf Carts were created by combining all the best golf cart features available in the industry with brand new, innovative ideas designed by golf cart dealers with more than 35 years of experience.

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Find your next perfect cart.

Five varieties of Advanced EV golf cart ensure that every driver will find the right cart, whether it be for transporting people, delivering supplies, navigating the golf course, or simply cruising around town in style.

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Customize to your exact liking.

Advanced EV offers a wide variety of accessories that are easy to install on any of the five types of golf carts available, including but not limited to side steps, colored steering wheels, and front cargo baskets.

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Power up.

Every Advanced EV golf cart comes with Trojan batteries, which not only provide a long-lasting charge, but a greater length of operation. In addition, Trojan battery packs can be easily replaced with more efficient lithium ion batteries if desired.

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