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Giving meticulous attention to design and detail, the innovative USA team consisting of highly skilled engineers and designers have completely redesigned every aspect of the traditional golf car. Dedicated to creating the world’s most exclusive leisure golf car, the results of the Advanced EV Golf Cart team effort is a vehicle that combines advanced technology with top quality components and luxury coach work. From the factory’s tools to the car’s components, the Advanced EV is fundamentally different from traditional golf carts. Everything in the design is based on extensive usability research, and golf professionals have worked closely together with the team to optimize every detail and feature. Advanced EV golf carts are essentially created according to the user’s needs. Advanced EV golf cart  is a privately held company headquartered in the USA .

Advanced EV carts come standard with a programmable 350 amp AC drive Toyota controller and 4kW 5.5 hp motor capable of producing a top speed of 25 mph. These carts are available in a large variety of  colors and are available with color-matching seat options. The Advanced EV Golf Carts are available in both lifted and non-lifted 2, 4 and 6-passenger models.

The innovative design has several outstanding details and user friendly solutions. Only the best components from around the world are utilized and automotive experts assemble them like a luxury automobile. The engineering of the chassis and drive train result in a car-like driving experience. In its class, the Advanced EV cart provides the largest golf car cabin with unprecedented height and leg room. Ergonomics and comfort exceed all expectations.


advanced ev golf cart, advanced ev south florida, advanced evAC DRIVE

The Advanced EV golf cart’s 4kW AC Motor drive system truly puts Advanced EV a cut above the rest. Backed by a 350A Toyota Controller, this is not a regular old-fashioned golf car. Passengers can feel the thrill of pure acceleration from the moment they step on the accelerator pedal. In addition to acceleration, the AC drive brings with it increased torque and climb ability. Drivers can tackle a broad range of very complicated terrains without worrying.


SPEEDadvanced ev golf cart, advanced ev south florida, advanced ev
The Advanced EV Golf Cart Features the golf carts are not only fast, but that faster is much better and smoothness does not ever have to be sacrificed. With a top speed of approximately 25 miles per hour, the Advanced EV Golf Cart allows drivers to cover nearly twice the distance as a conventional golf cart covers in the same amount of time. This greater range provides the drivers and passengers with a much greater freedom by using their own form of transportation instead of using public transportation for local trips. The Advanced EV lineup conceals the power of the lightning bolt behind the softness of the cloud.


advanced ev golf cart, advanced ev south florida, advanced evSAFETY
Safety isn’t always expensive – it is priceless. While most utility carts are used for hauling all kinds of cargo, no golf cart will ever transport anything which is more precious than its passengers. The safety features on the Advanced EV carts are not upgrades, but they are standard features which are on every car in the current Advanced EV lineup. Each car comes with headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, a horn, and seatbelts on every row. The golf carts that feature rear facing backseats include added safety bars for passengers as well. From one end to the other, the Advanced EV Golf Cart lineup ensures a secure and comfortable experience for all of its passengers.


RANGEadvanced ev golf cart, advanced ev south florida, advanced ev

Every Advanced EV golf cart comes with Trojan batteries to ensure a quality battery pack that provides not just good runtime on a single charge, but longevity through the years as well. Additionally, the Pro Charging Systems chargers provide a quick and complete charge every time. Advanced EV golf cart features regenerative braking is a standard option on all Advanced EVs and allows the golf carts to re-capture energy during the braking process that would previously be wasted and released as heat. By capturing this energy and funneling it back to the battery pack, regenerative braking allows you to get the absolute most range out of every battery charge.


advanced ev golf cart, advanced ev south florida, advanced evSTREET LEGAL

Whether going to the clubhouse, the grocery store, or a friend’s place, chances are that drivers will often have to navigate public roads. The standard features on all Advanced EV golf carts already meet the requirements for a street legal golf car, or low speed vehicle (LSV), in many jurisdictions. Any additional features required to meet state or city requirements are simple additions to any car in the lineup. Such additions include a solid windshield, four wheel brakes, reflectors, safety triangle and a plate light. As legislation can vary widely not only from state to state, but also from city to city, it is important to be well acquainted with local laws. Not sure what the requirements for a street legal car in your city are? Reach out to us and we will be happy to assist!

The Advanced EV Golf Car Comes With a 2 Year Warranty!

The Advanced EV golf cart standard features include:

  • 48 volt battery pack from Trojan
  • On-board charger
  • 48/12 voltage reducer
  • 4-wheel coil over suspension
  • Color matched roof to body color
  • color-coordinated custom seats
  • 10” polished aluminum wheels.

Lifted Models are Trimmed With:

  • Brush guards
  • Black fender flares
  • 12” custom wheels.

The Standard Accessories Included are:

  • headlights
  • tail lights and brake lights
  • turn signals
  • horn
  • speedometer
  • odometer
  • state-of-charge meter
  • dual USB outlets
  • side-mounted rear view mirrors.
  • heavy duty rust-resistant convertible rear seat/cargo platform with grab bar and foot rest.
  • 3 point retractable seat belts and grab handles for all passengers.
  • A tinted folding windshield is also available.

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